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Recent blog posts

Are Connected Employees More Valuable?

b2ap3_thumbnail_connected_employees_value_400.jpgWhenever you hire a new employee, you essentially incorporate their social network into the networking reach of your business. With this reality in mind (along with the measurable influence of an employee's use of social media) you have to ask yourself, "Is a connected employee more valuable than a non-connected employee?"

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Mountains of Old Monitors are Creating an Ecological Disaster!

b2ap3_thumbnail_ecological_disaster_400.jpgRemember when you upgraded to a flat screen TV or monitor just a few years ago? You may have marveled at the increased picture quality and celebrated getting rid of your old and bulky equipment, but do you know what happened to the old CRT monitor after you threw it out? Unfortunately, the answer doesn't bode well for the environment.

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You Might Be a Technology Redneck If…

b2ap3_thumbnail_technology_redneck_400.jpgNot too many years ago comedian Jeff Foxworthy became a star with his trademark "You Might Be a Redneck If..." jokes. Rednecks are an interesting breed that do things backwards because they stubbornly believe that it's the best way, and like all of us, rednecks use technology. Are you a technology redneck? Check out our redneck technology list to find out.

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Be Aware: Support For Windows XP Ends Soon

The following was published in today's edition of Seacoast Sunday: In just a little more than two weeks, Microsoft will end all updates and support for the Windows XP operating system. I hope you aren't waiting to the last minute. This has been known for a long time and there have been numerous communications in all manner of media about the need to replace your Windows XP computer by April 8. In the business world, most companies have had a plan for a while and have been steadily upgrading their Windows XP computers so they will no longer have any on their network come April 8. If you work in any type of regulated organization like a financial firm or a health-related industry, you will ... Last modified on Continue reading

3 of the Most Common Downtime Scenarios Caused by Technology

b2ap3_thumbnail_ugh_more_downtime_400.jpgWe've reached a point with technology that we're totally dependant upon it to accomplish most mission-critical business tasks. This is great for getting business done efficiently, but being dependent upon technology makes operations virtually impossible when technology fails. This is called downtime, and your business needs to be prepared for every downtime scenario possible.

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