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Recent blog posts

It’s About the Best Solution, Not the Latest

b2ap3_thumbnail_best_business_solutions_400.jpgYou may have been using a PC long enough to remember just how awesome Microsoft Word 98 was. When Microsoft first released their Office 98 productivity suite with programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, there was really nothing quite like it on the market. Unfortunately for some businesses, Word 98 isn't nostalgia, it's a daily reality.

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The Modern Office has Come a Long Way in 150 Years!

b2ap3_thumbnail_modern_office_has_changed_400.jpgThe modern office has been heavily influenced by technology. Today, offices revolve around computers, but even before computers became commonplace, offices were still designed around the technology of their time. As we're witnessing technology change the world, the modern office is sure to follow suit.

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Don’t Get Caught Using Poor Telephone Etiquette

b2ap3_thumbnail_talk_into_this_can_400.jpgThanks to the explosion of mobile phones, the world is connected like never before and most people seem to have a good grip on how to talk to each other using proper telephone etiquette. Therefore, when someone breaks socially accepted phone etiquette practices, they make themselves or the business they represent look bad.

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5 Practical Business Uses for Tablets

b2ap3_thumbnail_practical_tablet_400.jpgTablets have a reputation for being a fun consumer product, but they can also be utilized as a practical business tool. In fact, tablets can be used to accomplish a variety of business-related tasks. Here are five practical uses for tablets that you can use around the office.

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Disney Delivers Its Magic With Technology

Disney Technology
The following column was published in todays edition of Seacoast Sunday: Over the recent school vacation week, our family took a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Disney has always been a progressive company when it comes to technology and it's always fun for me to look around at all the ways it implements technology. This trip, I was more impressed than ever with how Disney leverages technology to make the guest experience as enjoyable as possible. The first piece of technology one often notices when visiting a Disney park is the admission ticket itself. For years, Disney has used a credit card type of ticket with a magnetic stripe, coupled with your fingerprint, to grant you acc... Last modified on Continue reading

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