Why is Jenaly going Green?

Simply put, it's the right thing to do.  IT consumes a significant amount of resources and that translates into increased operational and environment costs.  We think IT can green up a bit, and lower the overall effect we have on the environment as well as save our clients on operating expenses.  That's why we're going green.  To prove it, we're not just talking about it, we're doing something about.

As you can see above, we've proudly partnered with The Green Alliance.  Click their logo or name above and check out their web site.  Even if you are not a client in the local Seacoast area, there is a wealth of good information on their site and it may help you find a similar organization in your area.  If you are a local client, we encourage you to consider joining The Green Alliance and learning how you can help reduce cost and help the environment at the same time.

When we say help the environment or lower the environment impact of IT, we are also saying this with an acknowledgment to the real world needs of the business community.  IT can never be as a environmentally friendly as some other industries, that's just reality.  However, with guidance from The Green Alliance, we understand that we can all work to provide more sustainable practices and seek out technologies and services that support this goal while at the same time helping our clients be as efficient and profitable as possible.  That's the bottom line.

So, how is Jenaly going green?  Here are a few of the technologies we are leveraging to help our clients be more sustainable with their computing:

Our Virtual System Administration IT management services maintain your systems at their optimal operating condition, reducing their overall demand for electricity and the need to upgrade as frequently, thereby creating e-Waste.  We're even extending this service to insure that computers that are not needed to be running 24 hours a day are powered down at night, but still receive the proactive nightly maintenance and updates they need.  This will help reduce our clients overall energy consumption related to IT.

Our VSA Backup and Disaster Recovery service removes costly and wasteful tape media from the backup discussion.  This reduces waste and makes for a far more reliable backup, which is critical.

Document Management
Paper is a huge consumer of resources, both natural and human.  Anything we can do to reduce paper makes us more sustainable and dramatically lowers our environmental footprint.  Paperless office, electronic filing, whatever the term, the technology has existed for years, but mainstream adoption is finally a reality thanks to technology developments that have made this affordable and practical to implement for even the smallest office.  At Jenaly, we're getting rid of paper.  We're not where we want to be yet, but we're getting there and our goal is to significantly reduce our printing and be 100% digital for our records requirements.

Print Management
Did you know that printers are massive consumers of electricity and printer supply packaging is a massive generator of waste?  Today's printers leverage sophisticated power management capabilities to reduce the amount of power they require to remain functional.  New ink technologies, specifically something called Solid Ink dramatically reduce the waste and cost of printer supplies.  This is an area where every business can improve and the technology exists to make a significant positive impact.

Virtualization is another growing technology that has a positive sustainable impact.  Leveraging virtualization, you are able to reduce the number of physical servers that you require to run your business.  This means lower square footage, lower cooling requirements, lower power requirements and an overall efficiency that has a net positive effect on your environment footprint.

Remote/Home Office workers are now able to do everything they can do in the office wherever they may happen to be.  In the case of someone with a very long commute, they may be able to work from home several days a week and reduce their fuel consumption and emissions as a result.  This has a positive environment effect.  Many companies encourage working from home for this very reason.

e-Waste recycling.  Did you know that computers use precious metals and hazardous chemicals in their manufacture?  It is not acceptable to simply toss an old computer in the trash.  Some technology recyclers may even compensate you for your old computers, if they are able to recycle them for the value of their raw materials.  Jenaly has partnered with several e-Waste recyclers to help our clients dispose of old technology in the least expensive, most responsible manner.

Office recycling.  Every office we know of generates a tremendous amount of paper and plastic waste.  Hopefully you are not simply tossing this into the regular trash dumpster outside your office.  Nearly every city and town in the nation has a recycling program or center.  Please use it.

These are just some of ways Jenaly is trying to be more responsible, sustainable and proactive.  Contact us here for more information about how we can help your business move to Green IT.

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