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24x7 Monitoring and Support

It’s all about being proactive

Managed IT Services are all about simplifying the administration of your technological infrastructure. The first step to managing IT is monitoring the activity of your computers and network. Our platform identifies and resolves issues before they can have a chance to impact your day-to-day operations. When we speak to most clients about 24x7 monitoring, the frequent response is “My business does not operate 24x7, so I don’t need it…” Proper management of an IT infrastructure begins with monitoring and analysis of the current environment. Not only can this provide key indicators of failure BEFORE they happen, but extensive analysis from monitoring can help you plan for your technology far ahead of time, allowing insight in to key factors such as server performance, disk space, memory utilization, and more. We can even tell you what is happening on your network based on time of day and day of week!
24 Hour Monitoring and Maintenance

Instant remediation

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) operates 24x7x365 with on-site IT Specialists also available around the clock for emergency service.  Over 97% of issues on your network are addressed immediately and automatically during that time. 

Imagine email going down at 3am.  Without knowing there was an issue, your employees would start the day non-productively.  It could take hours for you to determine that there was an issue, wait for a response, and trying to resolve the issue blindly upon arrival.  Our VSA plans provide you the assurance that you are up and operative when you arrive, without ever knowing that there was an issue to begin with.
24 Hour Network Monitoring


Proactive services are very affordable.  Quite frankly, you could never afford to pay for the level of services that our VSA plans deliver if they were being done manually and reactively.  Instead, you can enjoy a level of service you never thought possible and prices you didn't think you could afford. It's a true win-win.

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Providing the Portsmouth NH area businesses with some of the best IT consulting, and managed support services is what makes Jenaly your all in one technology solutions provider. We provide managed IT services such as data backup and recovery, network maintenance and monitoring, IT project management, VOIP phone solutions and much more. Be sure to give us a quick call at (603) 431-7864 or request a free IT quote, and get started on your way to problem free IT today!

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