Document Management

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) provide an organization with the tools to create, manage, control, and distribute electronic documents. Before going further, this would be a good place to define what we mean by "document." In this context we essentially mean any file. This could be a word processing file, a spreadsheet, a PDF file, a graphic image, an e-mail or any other computer generated electronic format.

Understandably, the tools used to create and distribute files—word processors, spreadsheets, graphics programs, and the like—have concentrated on their core functionality, not on document management. Consider that most employees have a much better idea of the contents of their supply cabinets than they do of the electronic documents generated by their business. We're talking about the critical intellectual assets upon which your business relies. Clearly, there is a problem here and we have a solution.

Microsoft SharePoint, Xerox DocuShare and related technologies make electronic document management practical for small and mid-size businesses.  In fact, if you already use Microsoft Windows Server technologies, you already have Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services built right in and ready to go. We have successfully implemented these innovative technologies for many clients who are enjoying the benefits of ease of document retrieval and reduced costs.

Do You Need Document Management?

Before answering this question, try a quick round of 21 Questions....

  1. Can each member of your group quickly find any relevant document created by any other group member?
  2. If not, how long does a typical "document quest" take?
  3. How often is your staff obliged to embark upon document quests?
  4. Can you call up a list of documents and, simply by looking at the list, know the nature of each?
  5. Is it clear which client any given document is associated with from the file name?
  6. Can you quickly define the content?
  7. Are documents consistently labeled and stored?
  8. Can you easily gather together desired documents that happen to be physically dispersed throughout your network?
  9. Do you have a single point of access to your document repository, such that a single query will turn up all relevant documents regardless of physical location, format, and source application?
  10. Can you count on key staff members having the capability to view any document, regardless of source application (e.g. spreadsheets, graphic files, word processing documents, database tables, etc.)?
  11. Or must you take the time to convert a Microsoft Project Gantt chart to a bitmap so that coworkers can see it?
  12. Can you control who can see each document? Who can edit documents?
  13. Do you have a detailed record delineating every action taken by every user on your system with respect to every document in your repository?
  14. Do obsolete files linger on, consuming space, requiring nightly backup?
  15. Are key historical documents missing in action?
  16. Have three people taken the same document home over the weekend, only to cancel out each others' changes on Monday mornings?
  17. Can you quickly call up a list of documents related to a particular Matter? Or by a specific Author?
  18. Can you continue to work while your network is down, without missing a beat?
  19. Can you quickly locate any document in your firm associated in any way with say, ice cream trucks?
  20. Is there ever any doubt as to which copy of a document is the authoritative version?
  21. And whose document is that anyway!

If you are not fully satisfied with your answers to these questions, then it's time for document management.

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