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Jenaly is a local IT firm with an international reach through our vast network of partners and resources. We are a full-service outsourced IT firm which provides maintenance, management, service, and support for all of your IT systems. Explore the range of services that Jenaly can provide to help you leverage technology to help your business become more effective, efficient, and profitable while minimizing downtime and expenses.

24x7 Monitoring and Support

We call our 24x7 monitoring VSA, which stands for Virtual System Administration. Whether your business functions around the clock or just during certain hours, monitoring is a critical aspect to the proactive prevention of downtime. Through our real-time monitoring and support solutions, we can catch small problems before they progress to larger ones and take corrective actions immediately, so you always come in to a working environment. Have an emergency after-hours? We are available 24x7x365 to assist you.


Cloud IT Solutions

Imagine being able to expand your company's capabilities without needing to purchase expensive hardware or worry about running and maintaining it in your office. With the cloud, it is possible to get the benefits of a secure, expertly managed data center without the costs required to purchase and run your own equipment.


Document Management

Studies suggest that 80 percent of a company’s “knowledge” is stored as non-structured data, such as documents. Most companies do not have a way to effectively manage or search through this growing pile of information. A document management system provides for an effective way of storing, accessing, searching, retrieving, and archiving the vast array of data on your network from documents to emails. If you would like to reduce your paper or if you currently incur costly records storage costs, document may be a great cost saving technology for your business.


E-mail Branding, Disclaimers & Signature Management

Does everyone in your organization have a difference looking e-mail signature? What about when you send e-mail from smartphone? Is the signature the same as when you send it from your computer? Do you need to have a legal disclaimer at the bottom of your e-mail messages? Would you like to "brand" your e-mail so that your recipients see a rich e-mail signature with your logo and perhaps even a marketing message? If you answered yes to any of the above, your organization will benefit from effective e-mail branding, disclaimer and signature management.


Identity Management Solutions - Manage Accounts and Access


Professional Solutions That Help You Control Your Organization's Information

Identity Management Solutions

With Jenaly's Identity Management solution you'll add a powerful and affordable solution to manage user access.

Maintaining data security is crucial for any company. As a small business owner, it becomes the kind of issue that, if compromised, may just be enough to hinder your organization's ability to run smoothly and put in jeopardy all you've worked so hard for. At Jenaly Technology Group, we are known for providing small and mid-sized businesses useful solutions that remove the boundaries that often hold these organizations back from realizing revenue-boosting operational efficiency.

Often organizations will demand that each employee be given one username in which to sign into the network, but what happens when you have information that you don't want certain employees or users to access? What if you have a platform which requires a certain aptitude? Under these circumstances you don't want to allow just anyone access. Our Identity Management solution allows you to assign authorizations, keeping everyone in your organization under the security clearance the need to do the job they are assigned properly.

Not Just Profiles, Identities

Jenaly's Identity Management solution provides administrators with all the tools they need to keep their environments safe.

Our Identity Management solution is designed to give company administrators the ability to control access to sensitive business data with the creation and management of user identities. By setting up a virtual profile for each user, a vessel has been created to manage all of your user's identities. Populating it with credentials and authorizations allows your company to best manage who can access what from where.

By adhering to industry best practices and using our Identity Management solution, your business' administrators can properly manage:

  • Verification - Authentication using passcodes, biometrics, or behaviors.
  • Authorization - Determining what part of a particular platform the individual identity profile has access to.
  • Groups of Operation - Assign roles to certain individuals that others in your organization may have access to, but are not responsible for.
  • Delegation - Allows local administrators to change options that only the global administrator normally has access to.

Our Identity Management solution provides its value by keeping all forms of data open to the people who need it and closed to those who don't. The solution can allow or deny access to people looking to gain admittance to your facility, or even parts of your facility.

Save Money with Identity Management

Experience higher degrees of productivity with our Identity Management solution.

Every business owner is looking for a way to save money. Jenaly Technology Group has several solutions that are aimed at boosting your company's productivity. Outfitting your company with our Identity Management solution provides you with superior productivity by cutting down on redundancies and promoting your mobile computing platforms; a function many businesses are trying to incorporate. After all, the more places your employees can do work, the more places they will do work.

At Jenaly Technology Group, we are proud to offer services that bring value to our clients. For more information about our Identity Management solution or our comprehensive Managed IT Services call us at 603-431-7864.


IT Project Management - Planning Analysis and Execution

Jenaly will assist you with projects that may be necessary for the regular growth of your business. We will help you budget, plan, manage, and execute these enhancement projects.


IT Security

Data threats come in all shapes and sizes from unwanted spam and malware (also called spyware) to outside intrusions and even employee theft. As your IT partner, we maintain the company level CompTIA Security Trustmark which assures you that our team has the necessary skills and best practices to insure your complete information security, both inside and outside your firewall.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup is no longer just about ensuring that you are protected in the event of a disaster, but has migrated toward a full-blown business continuity solution. Our unique solution offers the protection of off-site storage, the convenience of not having to worry about tapes or software, and the ability to provide true business continuity with little, if any, downtime in the event of a disaster.


Contact us to learn more about any of the above solutions for your business.


Managed IT Services

The traditional “hourly consulting” model results in unpredictable down-time, unexpected service fees, and loss of staff productivity. Our Virtual System Administration offerings are designed to help you budget for IT services while minimizing productivity loss, saving you both time and money.


Printer Management Solutions

Don't buy your next printer or copier without considering a print management solution. Our innovative print management solutions combine service, supplies and the cost of the hardware in one affordable monthly cost that makes managing your printers automatic and less of headache for you.


Virtual CTO: IT Department Management

As companies grow they often bring on IT personnel to fill various roles. However, these same companies often lack IT management expertise and cannot afford to staff that level of expertise. Jenaly can provide you with a Virtual CTO at the fraction of the cost of a single employee to help you leverage your current staff to their full potential and provide crucial skill sets that smaller staffs may not possess.


VOIP Phone Systems

While many companies understand the critical nature of the IT infrastructure, many are frustrated by the unmanageable nature of the telephone system. Jenaly can help your company leverage the newest technologies and features which can fully integrate your communication system into your IT environment, all the while taking the headaches out of both support and billing, lowering your communications expenses by up to 50% or more.


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