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Your Company’s Hidden Security Weakness:

Your Home Wireless Network      As a business owner who also spends time working from home, do you make assumptions about your home’s wireless network security? Between your home and business, chances are your home wireless security is lacking. This can prove to be a serious liability.      WiFi security at home tends to be more lax. It isn’t something business owners worry about. You feel safe at home and you might assume since your business’s network is locked down tight, your data is secure. When an intruder wants to access your business’s proprietary information, they’re going to search for the easiest point of entry.      Th...
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Reducing Distractions In The Workplace

       Distractions are everywhere. Our phones, our computers, our tablets, our co-workers, and on and on. When we’re trying to get work done, there is always something, and it’s getting worse. We’re more connected to the Internet than ever before, and there is always one more thing we want to check. It’s safe to blame technology for this constant distraction, but we do need to step up and take a little responsibility for ourselves.      It’s tempting to give in to distraction and let your mind wander for a few minutes, but a few minutes can easily slip into 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, and before you know it, you’re through the first p...
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Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact      Every fall a batch of cool new phones from nearly every major manufacturer hits the market. People are clamoring for the new, larger Apple iPhone or the new Google Nexus phone. This October saw the release of a rather interesting new Android phone from Sony called the Xperia Z3 Compact. What makes Sony’s phone remarkable?      Have you noticed how big phones have gotten lately? Not only that, but these big phones require quite a bit of battery power. The Z3 Compact is a premium phone that returns to a more palm-friendly size, with a 4.6-inch display. It also boasts a battery that lasts two days (or more, in some cases) with ave...
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Green IT Item of the Month

Green Gifts Even though the holidays are behind us, you may still be looking for gifts, especially if you need to exchange that pair of socks you really didn’t need. Look no further than the list on inhabitat.com. One of our favorites is the Port Solar Charger (shown here) by XD Design. See all the green gift ideas here!...
Posted by on in Jenaly FYI.T.

Simple Ways to Use E-mail More Efficiently

There used to be a time when e-mail was supposed to increase productivity. Yet, that is often not the case. Many users don’t use e-mail as productively as they could, and you may be one of them! Consider these tips to improve the way you use e-mail: Skip attachments. Find alternate methods of sharing documents, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It makes organization and collaboration more efficient, and it’s easier to track who has what. Plus, many e-mail clients, such as Gmail, are notorious for marking e-mails with attachments and links as spam. Watch your replies. When you reply to an e-mail, it’s too easy to write and send, not realizing who might end up with your message. If you receiv...

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