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Does everyone in your organization have a difference looking e-mail signature?

What about when you send e-mail from smartphone? Is the signature the same as when you send it from your computer? Do you need to have a legal disclaimer at the bottom of your e-mail messages? Would you like to "brand" your e-mail so that your recipients see a rich e-mail signature with your logo and perhaps even a marketing message? If you answered yes to any of the above, your organization will benefit from effective e-mail branding, disclaimer and signature management.

E-mail signature management is much simpler than you may think and insures a consistent appearance and message to those you exchange e-mail with. If your organization is governed by any privacy regulations, this is critically important. For just a few hundred dollars, you will protect your organization from fines that could reach into the thousands. It's smart business to properly manage your e-mail signatures.

Consider the following:

  1. Create your own customized e-mail disclaimers.
  2. Centrally control when e-mail disclaimers are added to messages. You typically do not need to disclaim internal messages, but should always disclaim external messages.
  3. Insure the addition of consistent e-mail disclaimers and signatures when the message is being sent from Outlook Web Access, Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile phone.
  4. Insure that your signatures and dynamic and represent the organizations branding properly.
  5. Prevent e-mail from being blocked for containing embedded logos or other images.
  6. Complete integration with your existing mail server to insure the proper names, spelling, titles, etc. are added to the e-mail signature automatically. No more relying on the individual user to create and manage their own signature.

Below is an example of the e-mail signature we use here at Jenaly, all automatically inserted into every message we send. Click the image below to open it in a new window to see the example more clearly.

Jenaly E-mail Branding, Disclaimers & Signature Management

Contact us for more information if you would like to see how e-mail branding, disclaimers and signature management will benefit your company today.

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