IT Project Management - Planning Analysis and Execution


Jenaly will assist you with projects that may be necessary for the regular growth of your business.

Jenaly will assist you with any IT project you have in mind while avoiding the pitfalls many businesses make trying to function as their own “General Contractor.” Our goals are all results oriented – keeping the project on time, within budget, and meeting (and exceeding) expectations.  We take a three-tiered approach to all projects, both large and small.

Project management is a three tiered process:

Jenaly IT Projects

  • Planning - This is often the most critical and overlooked stage.  Proper planning involves defining the business goals and objectives of the project and determines both preliminary budget and timelines for execution.
  • Analysis - During the analysis stage we gather all necessary information, involve all parties, assess the current and future IT infrastructure, and finalize timeline and budget.
  • Execution - Completing the project implementation, testing, and ensuring that all requirements and goals have been exceeded. 

Just a few examples of IT projects include:

Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning - Proper disaster planning goes beyond simply having good backups. It involves all aspects of response from a simple loss of data to a major disaster (such as a fire or theft). Where will you relocate if this happens? What are the steps involved to replace your hardware? Get your data back? Notify your customers/vendors? Let us take the unknowns out of this situation. The only thing worse than a disaster is not being prepared for one. Far better to have a plan and not need it than to need a plan and not have it. Please see our Backup and Disaster Recovery page for additional details.


Network Infrastructure Changes - We can help you perform something as basic as a server upgrade or implement an entirely new network from scratch. Examples of typical projects include:

  • New Network Implementation
  • Site-to-Site or remote VPN Setup
  • Wireless Implementation
  • Mail, Web, Database Server deployment
  • Workstation replacement/upgrade
  • Server Consolidation
  • Remote access deployment


New Software Implementation - Need a recommendation on specialized software for your core business? Making a jump to a new revision or release? Upgrading to a different product? Software companies are great at handing their own internal migrations, but there is a lot left on the table with respect to how a software change interacts with the rest of your IT infrastructure. With years of experience with a multitude of companies, Jenaly will ensure that your infrastructure is properly configured both pre and post-deployment of the software and represent your best interests with your software vendor. We can also provide support and scheduling for implementation, cutover, and follow-up training and support.


Office Relocation/Move - Let Jenaly handle the coordination and move of your IT infrastructure. The last thing you need is to find out that your phones and internet are not alive and functional when you reopen in your new location. We have helped relocate offices since 1997 and, with proper planning, will help ensure that your move is as seamless as possible. Jenaly will:

  • Perform a site analysis at the new location
  • Ensure that wiring is adequate to handle both current and future infrastructure
  • Analyze cooling requirements
  • Coordinate with new data and voice carriers
  • Pre-install non-critical equipment
  • Ensure that back-end processes (i.e. mail flow) are not delayed by the move
  • Make recommendations on improvements for future planning
  • Have an IT Specialist on-site following your move to ensure that all is 100%


Security Assessment - Jenaly provides a host of security services ranging from routine audits to ongoing security services. Please see our Network Security page for additional information.

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Providing Seacoast New Hampshire, Southern Maine and Northeastern Massachusetts area businesses with some of the best IT consulting, and managed support services is what makes Jenaly your all in one technology solutions provider. We provide managed IT services such as data backup and recovery, network maintenance and monitoring, IT project management, VOIP phone solutions and much more. Be sure to give us a quick call at (603) 431-7864 or request a free IT quote, and get started on your way to problem free IT today!

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